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Sat, May. 8th, 2004, 05:25 pm

1) Your name and age:
Kelley, 19

2) What house do you belong in and why:
It depends on who you ask, I think. On longer quizzes I get Slytherin but on the shorter ones I get Ravenclaw. hogwartssorting has me in Ravenclaw, for what that is worth. Pretty much everyone who knows me in real life and has read the books thinks Slytherin though. Reasoning behind Ravenclaw is that I am very smart and tend to be very annoyed by people who don't understand things. I tend to expect a certain level of intelligence with everyone. But I don't think I'm all that Ravenclaw because I never study and outright refuse to do homework unless I have to. In which case I do it the night before in a few minutes. However, I do tend to be very vindictive and I know how to get what I want. I am very sarcastic and not nice to very many people (unless I'm working, in which case I kiss ass). I get things in my head and don't stop until I have what I want. Most people say "stubborn," but I like "ambitious" much much more. ^^

3) Who is your favorite young character and why:
I have a few. My two favorites are Draco and Hermione. Draco because he is very witty in that sarcastic sort of way that I love so much. Not to mention someone has to give Harry hell. No one else seems to be quite so good at that as Draco. ^^ Hermione because she is the smartest of the trio and always the voice of reason. Harry and Ron would be lost without her. Though they would be better off if they listened to her more often instead of always ending up in a "looks like Hermione was right again" situation. Plus Hermione has the sort of bravery where she doesn't run out and do things without thinking about everything that might happen first. That's far more admirable to me.

4) Who is your favorite adult character and why:
Sirius, who happens to be my favorite in general as well. I just fell in love with him from the first time he spoke in PoA. He's outspoken and determined. He's very smart and witty and just a bit arrogant. He knows what he values and sticks to his morals. He's loyal and brave but not stupid about it. He walks that line between bastardy and charming perfectly.

5) What is your favorite HP class and why:
Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions. DADA because it obviously comes in handy, especially in war times. The best offense is a good defense, right? Plus the whole mystery around what seems to be a curse on the teachers is very interesting. Potions because when I studied Wicca I used to do spells like what they do in Potions and they always interested me the most. It seems the most powerful spells often come from Potions as well. Not to mention Snape intrigues me greatly.

6) What relationship intrigues you the most among the HP characters and why:
I have two for this one, too. The first is Harry and Draco. Canon-wise because they just irritate each other so much. I think there is this deep rooted jealousy with both of them so that when they get together all hell breaks loose. Slash-wise because it tends to be the angstiest of the ships and most emotionally charged. After that the Ginny/Tom relationship is very interesting. I think it's where Ginny really grows from naive and trusting to how she is in later books. She really grows up fast because of it and the fact that she mentions it with such vehemence in Book 5 proves it's something she has a resentment over still.

7) How do you refer to the Dark Lord and why:
I say Voldemort, because that's what he decided he wanted to be called. Since I don't actually live in the HP universe, anything else just seemed silly. Or Tom if I am referring to the memory version of him from CoS.

8) Which DADA teacher was the best, and why:
I think Lupin was the best. He gave all the students hands on experience that they needed. He knew what he was doing and taught them well without putting them in serious danger. Plus he taught them things that they were likely to encounter at that point in their lives. I think Moody (or kinda Moody) was good for Harry but not quite so much for the other students. It was more than most of them needed at the time.

9) Which of the characters we already know would make the best new DADA teacher:
Probably Harry, though I doubt they would give a student a job like that nor does he need added stress. But I think he obviously knows quite a bit about it and has proved himself a good teacher from the DA. Snape seems to want the job for whatever reason and so maybe after everything is settled and the DADA job isn't quite so dangerous I'd really like him to have it.

10) Which scene from each book was your favorite and why:
SS: I really liked the trio getting through all the tasks. Most of all Hermione with the Potions. It proved just how much Harry needs her. Just the thought of Potions seems to make him dizzy even though it was more logic than actual Potions. Hermione however remains calm and easily figures it out.

CoS: I think I have two for this one. The first is the bit where Draco and his dad are in the shop. It's a glimpse into those two characters and the father/son relationship that they have when other people aren't around. It's one of the few times we get to see Draco when it isn't in contrast to Harry. The other is when Harry finally gets into the Chamber and has his conversation with Tom. It's one of the only times we get to see more inner workings of Voldemort. It's easier to see his personality as a teenager than as Dark Lord simply because he reveals more about himself at this point than he would now. It's the first person perspective on why he does what he does.

PoA: When we finally meet Sirius and he is telling what really happened. If not just for the fact that that is when I started loving Sirius. But other than that because it was so emotionally driven. My heart was racing as I read it and that sort of thing sticks with you. I just didn't expect it at all which was a first (though not a last).

GoF: I really liked the Yule Ball, for the record. I just want to get that out before I go onto my more serious favorite part. I think two again. >< First is the flashback to the trial where everyone is quiet except for Bellatrix who is screaming her loyalty. It was a really powerful moment in the book. Not to mention I really like Bellatrix and that started here. And then the graveyard scene of course. Because it changed everything in the series and everyone who was involved in any way. Kind of the turning point of the story and therefore very important.

OotP: "Snape's Worst Memory" is my favorite chapter ever. I have so many moments I loved in this book, but I could go on forever about this chapter. First because we finally get to see young James. Then we see young Sirius, which was just so amazing to me as a fan. It was just so great for him as a character to see where he came from as opposed to who he is now. And on top of all that, it's this great understanding behind why Snape is the way he is. I liked him before, but I just felt like I understood him so much more after that. That whole chapter is this kind of light clicking with how things were in the past that have made certain things the way they are now.

11) Make a prophecy about Book 6 or 7:
My ultimate prediction is that both Harry and Voldemort die as opposed to just one. I say this because I don't think JK will let evil win but on the other hand I can't see her (or maybe just don't want to see her) let it all come down to the expected ending where Harry lives and is okay (albeit probably emotionally messed up). So I figure Dumbledore will probably die so that he can't be there to save Harry and then Harry will have to face Voldemort all by himself once more. And his luck finally runs out and he doesn't quite make it for whatever reason. I also am expecting REALLY big things from Neville (especially with a new wand) in the next two books. I think he is going to get quite a big place in the fight. I'm pretty sure Ron is gonna die as well. He's a bit dumb (no offense) and is obviously willing to sacrifice himself for the cause. And he jokes about it a lot, and we all know Ron is only right when he is joking.

Sat, May. 8th, 2004 11:04 pm (UTC)

Accepted! And Snape's Worst Memory rocks!

Sat, May. 8th, 2004 11:44 pm (UTC)

Thankee. ^_^
Glad we agree. *G*