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Tue, May. 18th, 2004, 05:38 am
niav: My app

1) Your name and age: Dinah, seventeen
2) What house do you belong in and why: Slytherin, because even at this age, I'm determined to do certain things before I die. I'm also willing to go to any length to get something if I want it enough.
3) Who is your favorite young character and why: Cho Chang, because I think she's bashed far too often. I also think she's an extremely realistic character, what with her reaction to Cedric's death, and how she's not actually perfect, although Harry thinks she is until the events in OotP.
4) Who is your favorite adult character and why: Molly Weasley. She's a wonderful character. She's loving and maternal, but capable of turning into a dragon if annoyed. She manages to keep seven kids under control. She's very tender, but firm and strict at the same time. I just adore her.
5) What is your favorite HP class and why: Defense Against the Dark Arts. While learning about the Dark Arts and how they shape the wizarding world, you also get to learn how to defend yourself against them.
6) What relationship intrigues you the most among the HP characters and why: Sirius Black and Molly Weasley - they were obviously competing for Harry's affection. I also think that with time, Molly could have become quite fond of Sirius, as he's a bit of an attention seeker, and Molly's excellent at giving attention and affection.
7) How do you refer to the Dark Lord and why: Voldemort. I don't worship him, nor am I afraid of him.
8) Which DADA teacher was the best, and why: 'Moody'/Barty Crouch Jr. He actually taught the kids things they needed to know, and he wasn't afraid to discipline students when they needed to be disciplined. He was well aware that giving Draco a little slap on the hand wasn't going to sort him out and he acted on it. He was great.
9) Which of the characters we already know would make the best new DADA teacher: I'm biased, but Molly Weasley. She could make those children too frightened to disobey her. They'd have to learn, because if they didn't they'd get an angry Molly on their tail - and I think that's enough for even Draco to pay attention.
10) Which scene from each book was your favorite and why:
Philosopher's Stone: Hagrid taking Harry around Diagon Alley. This scene shows Harry discovering the wizarding world and presents it to us as a light, cheery, happy place - an extremely different portrait than the one painted in later books.
Chamber of Secrets: Lockhart revealing that he's a fraud. This is so true to life, in its own way. People aren't always who they appear to be - and this is a recurring theme in the Harry Potter series, portrayed humourously in this scene.
Prisoner of Azkaban: Sirius asks Harry to come and live with him. For just a moment, you think that perhaps Harry will have a happy ending, for once. And then it's just ripped away.
Goblet of Fire: The Yule Ball. Harry is shown to not be such a hit with the girls, and the same goes for Ron, whereas Hermione outshines both of them. I get the feeling that sometimes Hermione is the odd one out in the trio, as Harry and Ron have a pretty close friendship when they're not arguing, and it was a nice change to see the attention on her for once.
Order of the Phoenix: Luna talks to Harry after Sirius' death. In her own way, Luna brings some great perspective and hope into the entire matter of Sirius dying. A great scene, if only for the extra information about Luna and the calming effect it had on me.
11) Make a prophecy about Book 6 or 7: Peter will save Harry's life, as Harry saved his in PoA.