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The Order of the Phoenix

A discussion group

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This is a community I've created for people who want to discuss Harry Potter theories. However, in order to be eligible to discuss theories freely, you must pass a test - you must fill out the below questionnaire, post it, and gain approval from other members.


The rules:
1) ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM. You will be removed.

2) DO NOT POST ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR APPLICATION until you have been accepted by the moderator (me -- asabovesobelow ) . You may post your application in a single entry, however, until you're accepted by me, you may not post anything else at all, period.

3) While any (hopefully every!) member may vote on a candidate's worthiness to join, the decision of the moderator is final.

4) When voting, look for applicants who have well-developed senses of what HP really is. We want people who will contribute interesting, regular discussion. We don't want a bunch of morons who haven't even read the books.

5) This community is not PG rated. If you are offended by sexual or profane content, don't apply. I'm sure someone will want to talk about the darker side of Harry Potter, and I don't want to limit discussion in any way.


The Questionnaire - Post this in a regular entry to the community, UNDER AN LJ-CUT. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, look it up. You will be voted upon and accepted or rejected. Well thought out answers are expected.

1) Your name and age:
2) What house do you belong in and why:
3) Who is your favorite young character and why:
4) Who is your favorite adult character and why:
5) What is your favorite HP class and why:
6) What relationship intrigues you the most among the HP characters and why:
7) How do you refer to the Dark Lord and why:
8) Which DADA teacher was the best, and why:
9) Which of the characters we already know would make the best new DADA teacher:
10) Which scene from each book was your favorite and why:
11) Make a prophecy about Book 6 or 7: